anybody [enibAdi] — кто-нибудь, кто-либо; (anybody / anyone => кто-нибудь / кто-либо)


Anybody bid higher?
Anybody can buy one.
Anybody else?
Anybody that pays attention to you has to go through me and Josie.
Anybody who knew about the study could have managed it.
Anybody who wasn’t already staring at him did then.
Anybody’d believe that.
I'm not doing anything to anybody.
I am not interested in converting anybody.
I can’t get anybody to take it seriously, and it’s killing me.
I couldn’t have cared less about anything or anybody.
I didn’t see a flicker of doubt in anybody’s eye.
I don't want to hurt anybody.
If anybody catches me talking to you, I’m asking you to get me an attorney.
If anybody knew this kid, nobody was telling.
I do the floor better than anybody I know.
We could never tell anybody where it is, because you know something?
We didn’t see anybody on the river.
We do so well without anybody faking anything.
We haven’t seen anybody.
We made some calls, looking for anybody that makes headstones.
Anybody else with you?
Anybody I know?
Anybody living in the house?
Anybody who enters the building.
Anybody who was looking for him.
Can ’t go by Lass—he doesn’t like anybody.
Dating anybody?
Did anybody else know about the defection?
Did anybody read them?
Does she live with anybody?
Got anybody else?
Have you offered it to anybody in the States?
I can ’t tell anybody, including you.
I couldn’t find anybody who got a good look at her.
I did what anybody should do.
I didn’t kill anybody.
Yes, and I think well of you —better of you than of anybody.

Неопределенные местоимения могут употребляться с наречием else: something else — еще что-то (еще что-нибудь), nothing else — больше ничего, anybody else — еще кто-нибудь, nobody else — больше никто.

Неопределенные местоимения one, someone, anyone,. по one, somebody, anybody, nobody, everybody образуют, подобно существительным, притяжательный падеж: one's, someone's, anyone's, no one's, somebody's, anybody's, nobody's, everybody's. Когда эти местоимения употребляются в сочетании с else, окончание -'s прибавляется к else:

This.must be somebody else's hat; it certainly isn't mine.
Это, должно быть, чья-то еще шляпа; она безусловно не моя.

Does anybody else know?
The other is that I don’t think there’s been time for him to go and get anybody else.
Was there anybody else listening to you when he was talking to you yesterday?
You samurai people do whatever you want and you don’t care about anybody else’s privacy.
Anybody else with you?
Did anybody else know about the defection?
Got anybody else?
Neither does anybody else.
You know I’m not supposed to let anybody in this house.
You won’t live long enough to tell anybody.
You won’t tell anybody, will you?
You would understand, if anybody would.
That’s all anybody has got.


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