May I ask what’s going on?
May I ask why you’ve come?
May I get back to my desk?
May I show you my kitchen?
May I be of service to you?
May I have your fax number?
May I ask who recommended you?
May I help you with something?
May I ask what you do, Colleen?
May I see what he was carrying?
May I ask how you learned about it?
May I ask why we’ve been kept here?
May I talk to you a little instead?
Maybe his crazy wife shot him.
Maybe I will have a bite more.
Maybe I wont go away..
Maybe it was the baseball cap.
Maybe it would be a good idea.
Maybe its not a very big deal.
Maybe it’s just a coincidence.
Maybe Pats right, he realized.
Maybe she’s telling the truth.
Maybe someone threatened them.
Maybe it was the loss of light.
Maybe it wasn’t from a payroll.
Maybe itll help you believe it.
Maybe there was an altercation.
Maybe theres no correct answer.
Maybe they dont know about her.
Maybe they’s scared of the yak!
Maybe we’re both misfits, then.
Maybe we could saddle him for her.
Maybe Werner got it wrong, I said.
Maybe we’ll get lucky,” Sano said.
Maybe you could tell me about her.
Mayburn stepped into the bathroom.
Mayburn to decipher all the names.
Mayan should ever remove the gold.
Maybe we should rethink our schedule, Harper.
Maybe you need a new phone,” he said wearily.
Maybe, ‘I saw the newspaper’ would be better.
Mayburn pawing through Forester’s belongings.


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