Can I come in?
Can I come up?
Can I keep it?
Can I help you?
Can I join you?
Can we ask now?
Can we make it?
Can you see that?
Can you see this?
Can we sit with him?
Can you all do that?
Can you do all that?
Can you get the key?
Can you handle that?
Can you handle this?
Can you manage that?
Can you do it?
Can you fight?
Can you guess?
Can you read ?
Can we tell everybody?
Can you check on Jack?
Can you get my father?
Can you pick the lock?
Can he Change Her Life?
Can I come for a visit?
Can I pour you a drink?
Can Rachel take it too?
Can we get out of here?
Can we talk about this?
Can I have another menu?
Can I pour you some tea?
Can I see your passport?
Can I take a look at it?
Can you accomplish that?
Can you be less cryptic?
Can you fix it up again?
Can you get to the Deli?
Can you help me do that?
Can you just go with it?
Can you remove it later?
Can I help you?
Can I keep her?
Can I meet him?
Can I take two?
Can I touch it?
Can we move on?
Can we see her?
Can you give me a hand?
Can you go all the way?
Can you help with that?
Can you trace the call?
Can I apply for that job?
Can I ask what you’ll do?
Can I ask you a question?
Can I get a phone number?
Can I help set the table?
Can I still eat the stew?
Can you be more specific?
Can you come and see her?


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