Can I ask why you need these passenger lists?
Can I go home and go to bed for a few hours ?
Can we do the thing with the handcuffs later?
Can you give us some background on ELF waves?
Can you see anything we can use for a weapon?
Can you teach me the knee-in-the-balls thing?
Can we do anything to break it ourselves?
Can you just put that damn magazine away?
Can you reconstruct his movements for me?
Can you spend a little more time on this?
Can you take any of the merchandise back?
Can you trust me and not ask me any more?
Can you work your magic and save the day?
Can I get you a cup of coffee from the gatehouse?
Can you come up with a solution to him in a week?
Can you recite one of your favorite poems for us?
Can you take the chance that he won’t kill again?
Can I get a copy of the readings from this session?
Can you meet us at the dock behind the Audubon Zoo?
Can you figure out how he died without cutting him?
Can I please talk to you about Forester?
Can you come down for a moment and talk?
Can you tell me anything else about her?
Canada because my wife liked ice hockey?
Can anything more specific be said about the writer?
Can you threaten me with anything equally dreadful ?
Can we reconvene this after the bands set starts at eleven?
Can you at least give me an idea what the files were about?
Can you tell me more about them and when you saw them last?
Can you tell me how to go about capturing Kobori when we find him?
Can you think of any reason why she might have wanted Makino dead?
Can you repeat back to me the three objects I mentioned a moment ago?
Can you see your way to letting me have fifty dollars for a few days?


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