Can I help you with anything?


Can he get to East Berlin?
Can I do anything for you?
Can I get you some coffee?
Can It—she—have some milk?
Can I ask why you broke up?
Can I ask why youre asking?
Can I come in for a moment?
Can we light it up tonight?
Can we talk someplace else?
Can you get me out of here?
Can I have your phone number?
Can I help you with anything?
Can I look through the house?
Can I speak to Jack Prescott?
Can we go somewhere and talk?
Can we have garlic bread too?
Can I drop you off anywhere?
Can I have my pictures back?
Can I make you a cup of tea?
Cant I kiss you on the mouth?
Cant you just leave us alone?
Cant you say anything to him?
Can’t we just enjoy the room?
Can I also say suitcase nukes?
Can I buy you a drink tonight?
Can I get through there, Don ?
Can I help you with something?
Can I take these back to town?
Can we live on no food at all?
Can we turn on a light, Jacob?
Can you figure out who he was?
Can you get a message to him ?
Can you tell me what happened?
Can you tell me what you know?
Can you tell us what happened?
Cant I just copy this one out?
Can you leave the door open?
Can you please take me home?
Can you see out of that eye?
Can I order any takeout I want?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Can I talk to you for a second?
Can the guys in IT help us out?
Can we go, Bernard, or cant we?
Can we just get this over with?
Can we push him this much more?
Can we talk privately, Kristen?
Can you call the wind munaqsri?


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