I had not been before.
I had not drawn blood.
Then again, maybe not.
I had not heard before.
I had not meant to tell

There was not much time.
I had better not come .
I had no hope before-not
I had not thought of that.
I had the car and not you.
I was not speaking in a religious sense, Harriet.
I had not counted on being involved was involved,
I had run amok, but I did not intend to back down.
I had not suspected in a medieval scholar, I suppose.
I had been defeated--not by powerful, experienced Sam K.
I had not done my duty in leaving you together.
I had not really been aware of the water, but now I was.
It is not the colored mans singing.
I’ll not risk punishing an innocent person for the murder.
I was so not legal and so didn’t care.
I had not escaped the attention.
But Anya was not interested in reason.
I had not considered this possibility.
I had not even a proper bed to lie in.
I had not known I was missing.
I had not pulled the curtains.
I should not have known about.
Indeed, it would not be right.
raving; but still not violent.
However, it is not my business.


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