Have you ever been to Italy ?


Have you ever thought about your obsession with working for the department?
Have you ever heard of Wild Fire?
Have you ever killed an
My gun was in my hand without my making any conscious decision about needing
My hand drifted down to the manila folder and rested there.
Have you ever arrested a terrorist?
Have you ever seen a bulldozer clearing land?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
When did you last see Sam?
When did you last see her?
When did you last see him alive?
When did you last sleep,
When did you learn about this sand technique?
When did you learn Farsi?
When did you realize they weren’t?
When did you receive this letter, Mrs.Sam.
When did you say he got those letters?
When did you see him last?
When did you see it and why didn’t
When did you see the bruise?
When did you see the snake there?
When did you spot him?
When did you start to take it more seriously?
When did you get here?
When did you get in?
When did you install it?
When did you join the project and why?
When did you join the project?
When did you last fire it?
When did you arrive?
When did you begin and When did you finish?
When did you call a lawyer?
Would you agree to that?
Would you agree with that, John?
Would you at least lie down there?
Would you be available tonight?
Would you be obliging enough
Would you be willing to have a chat with her?
Would you believe-could you hear without laughing-could you credit without
Would you believe me if I said the suitcase I brought with me belongs to my
Would you both like a cup of tea?
Would you care if it was true?
Would you care to come around too?
Would you care to discuss the matter in
Would you care to guide Johnny and Monk and myself into the depths of this
Would you care to know how many of my
Would you care to try that?
Would you check on some others for me?
Would you come along anyhow?
Would you come into my office for a moment?
Would you come to the christening?
Would you come with us?


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