I’ve already alerted.
I’ve already closed off the estate.
I’ve already reexamined .
I’ve already said everything .
I’ve already searched the bedroom and bath.
I’ve already seen your pictures once today.
I’ve already signed you up for classes after school.
I’ve already taken care of that problem.
I’ve already talked to the lawyers, in fact.
I’ve already thought of that.
I’ve already told you about our system for choosing pupils.
I’ve already told you everything I know.
I’ve already told you what I know about the Pan shares.
I’ve already plotted a preliminary course.
I’ve already done.
I’ve already taken care of that
I’ve already eaten.
Have you had good luck signing people up?
Have you any idea who killed Sam?
Have you ever had intercourse in the position the two of you chose?
Have you ever been to Santa Fe?
Have you done?
Have you dined, Sam?
Have you ever actually spoken to Sam?
Have you ever thought that the phenomena were faked?
Have you got nothing else for my breakfast, Sam?
Have you made up your mind, my dear?
Have you seen much of your scientific phoenix lately?
Have you some place we can lock him up so he wont give more trouble?
Have you tried this?
Have you had that cuteness patented yet?
Have you, indeed?
Have you come from in there?

Sam smiled.
Have you come from England?
Have you ever thought about your obsession with working for the department?
Have you got another suit like that at home?


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