When I closed my eyes, I could almost pretend I was there again.
When I dial the number in Maine, I fully expect to get the answering machine.
When I entered the drawing room Kate seemed to be demonstrating some dance.
When I got back to the bed I found Pris standing up on it; she was unzipping.
When I got out of bed, noon was cracking overhead with the bing-bang-bong.
When I joined them, Sam had put his leather jacket on the back of a chair.
When I left the Amazons, I left everything about them, even my family.
When I pried my hands from my face, we were out in the desert.
When I put the volumes of the Britannica back on the shelf I breathed a sigh.
When I showed little inclination to do this, she marched upstairs.
When I stood up and faced him, he jerked his denim shirt off and threw it.
When I was a kid, my life seemed to be run by other people’s designs.
When I was back with a cup of tea, Bunny put down the paper.
I knew his face.
I studied his face.
I was his executor.
I dialed his number.
I got his voicemail.
I hope I didnt miss
I hope his death is
I hope it helps you.
I ignored his hints
I jerked in my seat.
I kept his schedule.
I lit his cigarette.
I live in Minnesota.
I touched his cheek.
I was his secretary.
I slung the rifle over my shoulder.
I suppose his unshaven face itched.
And I know big cats better than you.


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