I thought I should remind him.
I thought about lying to ease his nerves.

I thought about that.
I thought he might buy into my philosophy.
I thought he was out of his fucking mind.
I thought it was too bad that he probably wouldnt learn much about life.
I thought maybe my crazy ex-father-in-law would do that.

I thought my heart stopped.
I thought of where I might be that night.
I thought that if this case ended badly.
I thought that there wasn’t going to be much more “from now on” .

We slunk into the trees and headed away from the house.
We spent the flight in different seats, never looking at each other.
We take a breather, sixty seconds or so to wipe the sweat out of my eyes.
We turned down a few corridors and found the nurses’ station.
We two can do with only one servant, and live on very little.
We walked on down to the burning trash can and found the man.
We went down a twisted, arched passage and stepped out into a large.
We went into the living room, a bright, warm space lit by a bank of windows.
We went through some deep, quickened water and floated out into a calm broad.

We went to my office building and Quinton stayed downstairs, watching.
We went toward the hammering, which seemed to be done also on the outside.

We were crossing the tiny foyer.
We were dressed casually today; I had on comfortable loafers, black jeans.
We were in luck: since it was Friday, the place was busy.
We were sitting round the dining table, finishing the main course.
We weren’t going to have much time alone with the body before we had company.
I noticed his habit of repeating phrases to buy himself time.
I noticed other pedestrians avoiding the park altogether, hurrying to warmer.
I noticed she was paying a great deal of attention to the pie preparation.
I dont know exactly what that means, except that its the kind of line .
I dont know how you managed with that damned air-conditioning not working,
I dont need to call you anything.
I dont see them going to all that trouble to do something.
I don’t get shaken up very easily-even getting shot three times.
I don’t know why Brian likes me but I assume his tendency to throw himself.
I don’t think they would care greatly for that sort of thing,


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