I found this
I said, this
I think this

I called this
I caused this
I feel this on

I added this to
I couldnt sleep.
I free this one.
I like this bow.
I love this guy.
I love this man.
I need this now…
I remember this
I think this is ...
I thought; this
I took this job
I will no doubt this.
I found this one
I like this plan.
I love this part!
I loved this man.

I added this time.
I close this case.
I explain this
I have this dance?
I assumed this was
I had this morning?
I rented this room.

I came this morning?
I came this morning?
I provoked this one.
I went this morning.

I make this decision?
I think this is just
surveying its import.
I get this far before?
I leave this property.
I book this commercial.
I feel this apprehension.
I find this space useful.
I get this straight, you
I have this job,” I said.
I mentioned this morning.
I mentioned this morning?
I ran this organization,
I realized this was Theo.
I relished this nearness.


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