She looked great.
She looked young.
She smiled sadly.
She stared at me.
She stepped back.
She turned to me.
She bewitched him.
She flounced away.
She glared at him.
She heard a laugh.
She laughed again.
She leaned closer.
She lifted a brow.
She looked at Mia.
She looked at him.
She loved the ice.
She nodded coolly.
She smiled at him.
She smiled lazily.
She turned to him.
She typed quickly.
She wanted to cry.
She gestured at me.
She interrupted me.
She looked at them.
She looked shocked.
She managed a grin.
She needed a story.
She nodded, numbly.
She seemed at rest.
She sighed audibly.
She smiled at that.
She squinted again.
She swallowed hard.
She swallowed hard.
She tugged it open.
Shed gotten to him.
She brushed it back.
She chuckled softly.
She considered that.
She fanned her face.
She grabbed his arm.
She lifted her chin.
She looked dismayed.
She looked relieved.
She needed to stand.
She nodded, stunned.
She opened her eyes.
She patted his hand.
She pushed him away.
She rolled her eyes.
She shoved him back.
She smiled politely.
She smiled serenely.
She smiled slightly.
She smiled, faintly.
She squeezed my arm.
She tilted her head.
self-righteous sulk.
will write, my dear.
She called them over.
She giggled a little.
She glanced to Sam.
She groped for words.
She laughed out loud.
She lifted her brows.
She looked attentive.
She looked disgusted.
She looked surprised.


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