She sighed, the wrinkles around her eyes relaxing with the breath.
She started to shake her head in a motion of denial, then stopped.
She started walking fast and he walked beside her, ambling easily.
She unbuckled the seat belt, holding it over her body, hesitating.
She wailed and pressed the top of her head against her sons chest.
She fastened her own seat belt and said, Do you follow the cricket?
She filled in a spot of white with a quick hard turn of the roller.
She glanced down at her left hand and frowned at a bleeding scrape.
She glanced sideways at him, her hand still clasped over her mouth.
She hiked for two more days before she reached the Lomonosov Ridge.
You can’t even get your glass to your mouth.
You could make toast and coffee for Potsdam.
She laughed, just a light twitter of sound, but I relaxed a little.
She passed a street mural celebrating the Chinese railroad workers.
She seemed to want to help, but I wasn’t being very helpful myself.
She shivered, looking down at her feet, wishing she were invisible.
She slammed down into the breakers, slicing her knees on the rocks.
She tapped a finger on her lip, like she was considering something.
She turned and bolted so fast I feared the pie would hit the floor.
She wondered what would happen between them when this was all over.
She yanked her keys from the ignition and slapped them in his palm.

She appreciated his civility, though it irritated her a little, too.
She frowned, her mask of expensive makeup creasing like heavy paper.
She looked at him, and he could feel her trying to make up her mind.
She looked up, her thumb gouging into the crimped edge of the crust.
She looked up, saw him and froze, panic and fear etched on her face.
She moved to the desk and, still standing, pulled the laptop closer.
She must have learned these shameful facts from her husband’s spies.
She noticed deep stab wounds that punctured Lord Mori’s bulky torso.
She pasted a polite smile on her face and made polite landlady-talk.
She popped into the bathroom, and I dipped my spoon into the cereal.
She expected the woman to rebuff her coldly, anticipated her refusal.
She grabbed on to him with both hands, which pulled her off the sofa.
She hesitated, and he moved quickly toward her, grabbed her arm, and
She leaned against the cab’s dusty upholstery and tried not to panic.
She neared, just as I hoped to see details in Her face, Her eyes—the
She nodded almost imperceptibly, still intent on the page before her.
She nodded and said again, “It may be time to share this information.
She pulled herself up and braced against the hard corner of the wall.
She reached for him, but he tilted and crashed headlong to the floor.
She reminded me, “We may see every one of them in the next half hour.


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