He wasn’t doing it on purpose, she was sure.
He wasn’t even thinking about what he was doing.
He watched to see what effect the news had on Agemaki, but she hid her emotions so well that he never knew what she was thinking.
He waved and was gone.
He wondered where Bill Smith, the Peking man, was now.
He would do it anyway, but he was scared.
He would get rid of the gun later, when he was sure he was safe.
He would have to bide his time, discover where it was taken.
He wouldn’t even treat a casual sex partner like that—and this was Caroline.
He yanked at the cruiser’s door, but it was locked.
He zoned back in to what Jake was saying.
He had a gold ball-point pen in his fist, and he clicked the top two or three times to show us he was thinking.
He had a job to do and nothing else was important.
He had a lot of self-control, it was true.
He had a slight flush along his high cheekbones, and his mouth was wet.
He had been real…but now he was gone.
He had close-cropped black hair, and with the coloring and the name, Alex figured he was Latino.
He had only a glimpse before the snow curtain closed again, but it was enough.
He had said he was ready.
He had shaved his hair so short that his scalp was visible.
He had the eerie feeling that the boundary between himself and the space around him was dissolving.
He had to admit she was attractive.
He hadn't been aware of it while the television was on.
He hadn’t threatened her in any way, it was true.
He hardly seemed to notice she was here.
He may have gotten spooked by something and was headed back toward his camper when he was shot.
He meant torture—of that I was certain.
He might be strange, but William Kelman wasn’t psychic, she was sure.
He nodded slightly when the computer was cold.
He opened it slightly and waited for a moment in which no one was visible.
He overpowered me like I was nothing.
He pretended he was me.
He pretended to think I was attractive.
He pulled up, aligning the back door exactly with where Rabat was waiting.
He read all this spiritual stuff, although he thought most of it was crap.


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