Местоимение some, как правило, работает в утвердительных предложениях. Но и в вопросительных предложениях его можно встретить, если речь идет о просьбе или предложении. There is some portrait on the wall. – На стене (висит) какой-то портрет. The boys broke some windows in the house. – Мальчики разбили несколько окон в доме. Would you like some beer? – Хочешь немного пива?


Get some sleep.
Save some time.
Get some food.
I had some help.
Show some class.
Get some sleep.
To some extent.
And some clothes.
Go get some rest.
Try it some time.
He needs some air.
I drank some beer.
Just some people.
And get some sleep.
I slowed some more.
some go, some come.
I drank some coffee.
I’ll buy some today.
There was some pain.
You need some rest.
And gain some weight.
It took some coaxing.
Get her some dinner.
They did some tests.
I must get some sleep.
Maybe do some repairs.
Try to get some sleep.
We found some formula.
Give it some thought.
Perhaps some pushing.
We’d have some privacy.
I'll get you some water.
You had to go some time.
He breathed some more.
And there was some light.
But you wanted some help.
He needed some direction.
I'm getting some culture.
So I sent him some money.
You must have some pull.
He gave me some advice.
After I've had some sleep.
I slipped him some tongue.
She offered some examples.
some larger, some smaller.
The judge says some words.
We have some availability.
You should get some sleep.
He's good at some things.
First, though, some amends.
He has been for some years.
I must buy some cigarettes.
I’ll explain at some point.
Let’s go and have some fun.
So I’m making some changes.
That might turn some heads.
Werner drank some lemonade.
We’re in need of some help.
You go home, get some rest.
I could get you some more.
You better get some sleep.
And then she wept some more.
I’ll bring you some flowers.
I’ll be doing some trading.
Oh, Jen’s got some clients.
Yeah, you know some things.
I just… I just need some air.
This will save us some time.
I will give this some thought.
I'll have to do some research.
Monday, he’d buy some clothes.
Individually… to some degree.
Let’s go get you some dinner.
Go to Florida and get some sun.
I wish you'd cut me some slack.
She had needed to get some air.
There have been some incidents.
I was listening to some music.
Just trying to find some people.
We all had mothers of some kind.
Our CI’s run into some trouble.
Today I called on some friends.
I’m going to make you some tea.
Then let me peel some potatoes.
He must have noted some reaction.


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