Does anyone know anything new?
Does anyone know who he was?
Does Harper glow?
Does he even have any material?
Does he have affairs?
Does he know what’s up there?
Does it fit in with what you know about them?
Does it give you a pain?
Does it have other applications?
Does it have the source code on it?
Does it hurt?
Does it like a sport.
Does it make any sense to you?
Does she have to be beautiful?
Does that answer your question?
Does that matter at this stage?
Does God have consciousness yet?
Does he rule the Union, or do I?
Does the devil know he is a devil?
Does a man speak when a god speaks?
Does it go mad here, or fall apart?
Does it cost as much as ten cowries?
Does this still seem strange to you?
Does anyone feel like coming with me?
Does it relate to the records I sent?
Does he know he’s reassembling himself?
Does she have anything to do with this?
Does that mean you managed to talk to him?
Does he not, to put it in a nutshell, fuck?
Does your order practice outside the walls?
Does the person who lost it know that it’s gone?
Does God forgive people, in a manner of speaking?
Does this look like fun getting out of hand to you?
Does the white man understand our custom about land?
Does it make sense to think of God as wanting anything?
Does it make you feel better to think that she’s there?
Does that mean anything to you?
Does it worry you that you don’t talk any kind of sense?
Does it worry you that you have failed?


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