Must обозначает обязанность, приказ. ....как должен, обязан. ... must, когда существует необходимость совершения действия в силу определенных обстоятельств.

You must close the window - Вы должны закрыть окно.

You must be.

You must know.
You must have.

You must go.
You must remember.
You must believe.
You must eat.
You must go, You must go.
настоятельный совет или приглашение
You must know to this song .- Вам обязательно радо знать эту песню.
You must not tell the subjects until I can break it to them in a way that causes minimal disruption. you must come and teach 'the children' to keep house. and all be blissfully happy and friendly together.
The signal has come and you must go.
What odd people collectors must be.
I'm glad he's gone, if you must know.
It is a mark you must have.
You must desire, and you must believe.
Can't be a simple, smooth path I must walk.
I liked the idea and the image, I must say.
She sought to articulate why they must continue.
I decided that if I must be ruined, then so must he.
But before we go, there is something else we must do.
I suppose I should have said that, but you must know.
They’ve given me orders to catch the killer, and I must obey.
This was before the dawn , you must remember.
She cannot recall crossing the Sam Canal, though surely she must have.
This—this was lavish beyond anything she’d ever seen, the way royalty must live.
Her mother looks a little puzzled, and Kate is conscious of how idiotic she must sound.
The scientist in her grew jealous, while another part paled at how much all this must cost.


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