That is real.
That was all.
That was you.
That woke me.
This is Gram.
This is real.
This morning.
This was Sal.
This was bad.
This was new.
This was…odd.
What is this?
Not this time.
She knew this.
That meant me.
That might do.
That poor man.
That saved us.
That threw me.
That was 1941.
That was fast.
That was fine.
That was good.
That was okay.
That was true.
This is crazy!
This isn’t me.
This was Bear.
This was good.
This was nice.
That confused me.
That makes sense.
That part’s true.
That startled me.
That startled me.
That was foolish.
That was helpful.
That was strange.
That wasn't true.
That wasn’t mine.
That wasn’t true.
This I commanded.
This boy is dead.
This is Goozerat.
This is Papa One!
This is familiar.
This is my fault?
This isn’t right!
This was amazing.
This was serious.
This was serious.
This was so hard.
This was unusual.
This was working.
This wasn’t good.
This was…perfect.
This way, please.
This wouldn’t do.
That is necessary.
That little bitch.
That puzzle thing.
That surprised me.
This could not be.
This is craziness.
This is different.
This is important.
This is it, SEALS.
This is not a toy.
This is that time.
This is the other.
This is up to you.
This is your home.
This isn’t a case.
This is… personal.
This was bad shit.
This was bullshit.
This was glorious!
This was insanity.
This was not good.
This was so scary.
This was very bad.
This wasn’t right.


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