I’d hate to take you downtown for real.
I’d like to see you, you liar and fake.
I’d appreciate if you would accept that.
I’d cut off my right arm to protect you.
I’d never been that natural at anything.
I’d never seen so much money in my life.
I’d only found and deposited two bodies.
I’d called him after my showdown with Dr.
I’d like to invite you to dinner, though.
I’d never known her to encourage company.
I’d seen them with the albino man before.
I’d spent so long lying to the first one.
I’d be happy to give you a tour right now!
I’d give him one opportunity to volunteer.
I’d given him wine to serve to my husband.
I’d had a little trouble getting her back.
I’d have to say he’s younger versus older.
I’d never been in it, but I’d heard of it.
I’d only left about an inch in the carafe.
I’d get another binder; this one had to go.
I’d hate it if you felt this was a mistake.
I’d have thought he was very much your man.
I’d like to tell him that I’m acting on it.
I’d never tried to outstare a snake before.
I’d really never had such a thought before.
I’d taken the first girl’s for that reason.
I’d been there for more than ninety minutes.
I’d have thought a girl’d have better sense.
I’d learned to fear change in the last week.
I’d never seen anything like it in the city.
I’d walk into a room and expect to find you.
I’d escaped the clutch of a seasoned warrior.
I’d gotten Harmony to agree to the art class.
I’d like to do something in that line myself.
I’d like to spend some time with you tonight.
I’d never thought Grady was interested in me.
I’d wanted time to sort out my day by myself.
I’d bound and been bound myself by such magic.
I’d even play the helpless female if I had to.
I’d missed a vein, clearly, but it was in her.
I’d think even a ghost would have heard of it.
I’d appreciate it if you’d recognize that fact.
I’d interested her; I could see it on her face.
I’d like to get there before dark for a change.
I’d planned to stop someplace for a quick bite.
I’d been in there at least five minutes already.
I’d called her last night and asked her to come.
I’d recover, but not until her soul found peace.
I’d tracked down Chase’s home number last night.
I’d lost the ability to read Sam’s every emotion.
I’d never imagined being so personal with Tanner.
I’d never seen it before and never seen it since.
I’d rather have windblown curls than matted fuzz.
I’d really tipped over the Danzigers’ apple cart.
I’d stopped and thought when I should have acted!
I’d take my chances with anthrax before antiques.
I’d been forced to listen to her spout her anti-w?
I’d done some Tarot readings for Lorrie last year.
I’d guess they’d be at work or in his home office.
I’d need a few minutes in there before she leaves.


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