What else do you want?


What am I looking for?
What are you drinking?
What did Cowslip have?
What did it feel like?
What did you tell her?
What did you think of?
What do you hate most?
What do you like best?
What do you say, Beth?
What do you want here?
What else do you want?
What happened to Tess?
What happened tonight?
What have you learned?
What is a little mine?
What is it, Catherine?
What the hell is that?
What worries you dear?
What would you expect?
What's all this stuff?
What's wrong with her?
What's wrong with him?
What's your name, boy?
When will you be back?

Could we swim the river?
Did the rabbits wake up?
Did the sheriff take it?
Did you cause her death?
Do you ever turn it off?
Do you know What he did?
Do you like your school?
Do you need to sit down?
Do you really mean that?
Do you think I need one?
Do you want to kill him?
Does that include Kate?
Don't you think you are?
Am I missing something?
And What did you there?
Are you all right, sir?
Are you sure he's dead?
Aren't you but fifteen?
Aren't you company too?
Do you have another theory?
Do you have identification?
Do you know Ogbuefi Ndulue?
Do you need another minute?
Do you think she is pretty?
Do you want me to call him?
Does the thunder worry you?
Where are you staying?
Where did he leave it?
Where's 'e gone, then?
Where is he hurt, Mary?
Where'd you send Kate?
Where's it coming from?
Which do you like best?
Who's in the next room?
How did he do over time?
How does he look to you?
How is your father, Tom?
How is your grandfather?
How shall I behave here?
How are you getting on?
How are you holding up?
How can I be otherwise?
How is the little dear?
How'd it go last night?
How'd you get onto him?

What are we talking about?
What became of the others?
What choice would he have?
What did she mean by that?
What did the Threarah say?
What did you find, Garret?
What did you mean by that?
What did you want to know?
What do you like about it?
What do you most wish for?
What do you suggest, then?
What else is he gonna say?
What good would it do Him?
What happens then, a ball?
What have you got to lose?
What the hell is going on?
What would you say to him?
What's kuh, kuhkush, kuh??
Which way has he gone?
Why didn't you let on?
Why do you think that?
Why does it worry you?
Why don't you tell me?
Why not give it a try?
Why aren't you married?
Why can't you admit it?
Why didn't you tell me?
Why doesn't He want to?
Why don't you come out?
Why not a psychiatrist?
Why're you taking that?
What was that all about?
What were you afraid of?
What were you expecting?
What will happen to her?
What're you looking for?
What's instantly killed?
What's the number, Mary?
Has everyone passed you?
Has the doctor seen him?
Hasn't North called you?
Have you heard anything?
What are we going to do?
What are we looking for?
What are you doing here?
What do we do with them?
What good would that do?
What makes you ask that?
What on earth's 'camel'?
What shall you tell her?
What time did you leave?
Can we sit down, please?
Can you answer my question?
Can you hear me, Catherine?
Can't somebody read to you?


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