I’d been wrong.
I’d understand.
I’d been twelve!
I’d do it again.
I’d done my part.
I’d brought it up.
I’d run away once.
I’d forgotten that.
I’d always believed.
I’d given up hoping.
I’d almost forgotten.
I’d be stupid not to.
I’d have to find out.
I’d seen them before.
I’d swear on my life.
I’d get an A for sure.
I’d go to the meeting.
I’d barely walked away.
I’d grown up believing.
I’d hesitated too long.
I’d tell you if I knew.
I’d warned the Amazons.
I’d like that very much.
I’d promised him treats.
I’d rather read, anyway.
I’d be happy if you did…’
I’d even competed myself.
I’d fight my grandmother.
I’d never forgive myself.
I’d probably be the same.
I’d thought it was clean.
I’d try a different tack.
I’d have to give it a try.
I’d heard you were clever.
I’d known him all my life.
I’d never keep my hand in.
I’d rather to die at home.
I’d never see Lorrie again.
I’d struck the right nerve.
I’d always wondered why not.
I’d come to care about Dana.
I’d do the same thing again.
I’d just come from Martha’s.
I’d like to try to save him.
I’d never ask for your help.
I’d thrown the highest card.
I’d been a goner on the spot.
I’d bet he did these himself.
I’d just as soon spit on you.
I’d leave him to his chances.
I’d love you to meet someone.
I’d say he weighed about 190.
I’d always found him gorgeous.
I’d be better dead than alive.
I’d hate to see you penalized.
I’d like to see it for myself.
I’d like to give him the chance.
I’d like to stay a while longer.
I’d made fun of her at the time.
I’d already said the magic words.
I’d like to see him try that now.
I’d met the deadline a day early.
I’d say military or paramilitary.
I’d just wanted a chance to learn.
I’d accomplished what I’d come for.
I’d always thrived under deadlines.
I’d be supermom for at least a day.
I’d been meaning to do that myself.
I’d done this, and I had to own it.
I’d have expected suicide, frankly.
I’d have thought it was a favorite.
I’d never seen a ghost so horrible.
I’d seen him do that during trials.
I’d wanted a normal human daughter.
I’d been gone only a day, after all.
I’d had my fill of that for a while.
I’d heard it before, blocked it out.
I’d kind of expected something more.
I’d like to meet with you in person.
I’d love to hear you play something.


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