was something else.
While a current is flowing through a wire, the latter is being heated.
Когда ток проходит по проволоке. последняя нагревается.

All I could say for sure was that a man I had known barely fifteen minutes was in so much pain that it was flowing freely from him to me.

There was nothing there.
There was nothing to do.
This was something else.
Dow was shaking his head.
Fook was losing patience.
He said he was going out.
He was hardening as well.
It was missing its wings.
There was nothing to say.
There was nothing to see.
Zaphod was looking at it.
Everything was going well.
He was grinding his teeth.
He was looking at Grandma.
He was speaking the truth.
He was trying to scare me.
Her captor was fuming now.
It was lying on the beach.
She was drawing the water.
But he was making progress.
Dusk was falling on Efrafa.
Ford was humming something.
He was fiddling with stuff.
He was juggling faster now.
He was looking right at me.
He was lying at their feet.
His heart was beating fast.
He was killing her.
He was trying hard.
She was going home.
It was getting dark.
She was killing him.
She was moving fast.
She was testing you.
He was shaking badly.
It was doing nothing.
Who was stopping him?
He was breathing hard.
He was breathing well.
He was doing his best.
He was missing a shoe.
Julia was frying eggs.
Walter was asking her.
A war was being fought.
Ford was walking north.
Graham was calling him.
He was roasting nicely.
She was being followed.
She was getting better.
Bobby was looking at me.
He was begging for help.
I saw what was going on.
It was unnerving though.
Logen was frowning deep.
March was mending again.
Ruby was frowning at me.
There was nothing in it.
She was holding her breath.
She was limping for months.
She was wearing no panties.
What he was doing was this.
What the hell was going on?
What was going on in there?
Win was having me followed.


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