make англичане употребляют, когда речь идет о создании/составлении/формировании чего-либо:
The performance made a great impression on me. - Спектакль произвел на меня огромное впечатление.


The weather made Sam restless.
Bigwig made himself its companion.
I finally made it home at 10:55 p.
I finally made it onto the 3:00 p.
Nothing made sense to him anymore.
Sam made you before he made me.
The Army made sure it stayed shut.
The truth is, they made me uneasy.
Together they made a whole orphan.
What made you think of the turkey?
You’re made of death, Bloody-Nine!
You’ve made that abundantly clear.
Bigwig made his way into the field.
But it's only made him work harder.
Sam made herself ready for town.
I have made it my highest priority.
The others made encouraging noises.
He made no attempt to use his claws.
Here’s where he made his last stand.
I have made a great sacrifice today.
It still made Logen smile to say it.
Sam made no effort to deny it.
Then he made his way around to Kate.
Suddenly, it all made horrible sense.
That made me stop and look up at her.
That only made her angrier than ever.
Have we made progress in unmasking it?
It made me feel queer, I can tell you.
Russell made a sort of grumping noise.
Still the strange rabbit made no move.
The moment for which Khalul made them.
Aiming and firing had been made simple.
All the other dancers made way for her.
She slowly made her way back toward him.
The idea of it made him want to be sick.
You who have made sacrifices in my name.
He made a circular motion with his palms.
He made all the world and the other gods.
I remember why I’d made a note of it now.
It made him every inch of the man he was.


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