Make используется, когда что-либо создается, сооружается, строится, и т.п.:

make a dress – сделать (сшить) платье
make food – приготовить еду
make a cup of tea / coffee – сделать (приготовить) чашку чая / кофе

Make часто используется, когда речь идет о приготовлении еды.

make a meal (breakfast / lunch / dinner) – приготовить еду (завтрак / обед / ужин)
make amends – вносить поправки (в договор, в контракт, и т.п.); также может означать "компенсировать кому-либо что-либо", "извиниться перед кем-либо"
make arrangements – договориться, устроить что-либо
make believe (to pretend) – притворяться, делать вид
make a choice – сделать выбор
make a comment – сделать замечание, комментарий
make a decision – принять решение
make a difference – иметь разницу (например: It makes no difference. – Это не имеет никакой разницы).
make an effort – приложить усилие
make an enquiry – сделать запрос, наводить справки
make an excuse - извиниться
make a fool of yourself – выставить себя дураком
make a fortune – сделать состояние
make friends - подружиться
make a fuss – поднимать шум
make a journey – совершить путешествие
make a mess – устроить беспорядок
make a mistake – сделать ошибку
make money – зарабатывать деньги
make a move – сделать ход
make a noise - шуметь
make a phone call – совершить телефонный звонок
make a plan – составить план
make a point – выразить точку зрения
make a profit – получать прибыль
make a promise – сделать обещание
make a remark – сделать замечание
make a sound – издать звук
make a speech – прочитать речь
make a suggestion – сделать предложение
She made a disgusted noise.
She made a fire .
That he made bad decisions?
The Other Side, made flesh.
But you have made a mistake.
Have you made your decision?
He must have made it for us!
She made a careless gesture.
That’s when I made the wish.
The one who made the drawing.
The thought made me restless.
The years have made you weak.
They made for the steep edge.
They'd made a mark each side.
What made you do that anyway?
What made you think so, Mama?
Which made me stop and think.
You made me look like a fool.
A white tongue made them halt.
He made a lunge from his seat.
I have made a great discovery!
No one knows even who made it.
She made herself stop nodding.
He made a small motion.
This odd arrangement made Mrs X.
West made no effort to resist.
What can be made of this fact?
You made me King, Ninefingers.
And Jo made for the door again.
He had made the right decision.
Hoff made it into the corridor.
Hel made no effort to resist.
Long ago, Frith made the world.
Religion made me uncomfortable.
The carrying man made no sound.
The stuff of magic, made solid.
The sun set and they made camp.
What made you ask the question?
Who made you the fucking judge?
But she's made too many enemies.
Life is made of disappointments.
Raphie made his way to the door.
She made a shrug with her mouth.
That made him angrier than ever.
What made you stay away so long?
What on earth made you think so?
Who else has made an accusation?
By the dead, but it made a sound.
Garret's insight made some sense.
He made a weak effort at a smile.
He’d made good on that, at least.
It made such sense of everything.


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