Do используется, когда речь идет о чем-либо в общем. Другими словами, когда необходимо описать какое-либо действие, при этом не называя самого действия. В данном значении глагол часто используется со словами something, nothing, anything, everything, и т.д.

I'm not doing anything today.
Я сегодня ничего не делаю.

Я сегодня ничем не занимаюсь.

do badly – плохо преуспевать (в чем-либо); плохо удаваться (о чем-либо); и т.д.
do business – заниматься делами, бизнесом
do the dishes – мыть посуду
do a favour – сделать одолжение
do good – пойти на пользу; принести пользу
do harm – пойти во вред; принести вред; причинить вред
do time (to go to prison) – отбывать срок (в тюрьме)
do well – хорошо преуспевать (в чем-либо); хорошо удаваться (о чем-либо); и т.д.
do your best – сделать все возможное
do your hair – причесывать волосы

It's not doing any harm-only looking for snails.
I was out of practice, and not doing a very good job.
But we must fear Him when we are not doing His will.
Just as if he were hiding a knife up there, and not doing it very well.
He felt angry at his younger sister, Kate, and his older brother, Sam, for not doing it instead.
And if you hadn’t left rehearsals so early today, Sam, you would have learned that we are not doing a musical version.
I went along for the ride because I’d got some very safe money on him not doing it, and didn’t want him coming back with fake evidence.

Do as I say!
Do it again.
Do not fear!
Do not move!
Do not move.
Do say some!
Do they eat?
Do they now?
Do you hear!
Do you hear?
Do you know?
Do you like?
Do you mind?
Do you play?
Do I have to?
Do not worry.
Do something!
Do what I do.
Do you dance?
Do you think?
Do I know him?
Do I know you?
Do as he says.


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