Глагол Make используется в одних конструкциях и с одними словами, в то время как глагол Do – в других конструкциях и с другими словами.

Do используется, когда кто-либо совершает действие, занимается какой-либо деятельностью или выполняет какую-либо работу:

do a crossword – разгадывать кроссворд

do the ironing – утюжить что-либо

do the laundry – заниматься стиркой

do the washing – мыть что-либо

do the washing up – умываться

You do the crossword?
Let me do the talking.
She would do the same.
Ferro would not do the same.
Mum decided to do the honors.
I'll do the talking.
Nothing that will do the trick.
I'll do the jokes
You will do the restaurant column.
Why do the men come, do you suppose?
You think I'm likely to do the same?
He so much wanted to do the crossword.
How do the defences of the city stand?
No, I only do the bar in the evenings.
Sandy, you do the honors,” Helena said.
They make the prisoners do the hard work.
Can't you do the same with your governess?
Except maybe that I’d do the same for him.
We don't want to have to do the work twice.
If there was anyone left to do the mourning.
Just as far as I can trust you to do the same.
Let me do the heavy lifting for now," he said.
We must do the best we can with what we've got.
I can’t do the dinner and play host all on my own.
For all he knew, I was about to do the same tiling.
How about we do the polygraph right now?
And I suggest you do the same when your mother comes.
I can see how to do the first thing.
He came up on the second one, ready to do the same.
I’d probably do the same myself if I was in your shoes.
I'll rest till he comes, and then do the best I can.
And I saw her arms reaching out and felt mine do the same.
He would be free to do the right thing, whatever that was.
It'll do the first two things, all right, I'm sure of that.
I'm not going to wait until she's dead to do the right thing.
Why do the nations rage and the peoples imagine a vain thing?
He resolved to do the thing thoroughly, since he had begun.
A man can’t do the things he’d done, and hope for happy endings.
They do the incision and drainage tomorrow afternoon.


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