He was doing something he had been told not to do.
His first instinct was not to weep, it was to run.
I dare say, but you ought not to go and worry him.
He pretended not to notice her withering appearance.
He tried very hard not to move a muscle in his face.
He was lucky not to have been more severely wounded.
They're in a bad way and they're not to be troubled.
Maybe you'd prefer not to talk about it.
Give me a reason not to do it.
And I implore you not to look at me during the ceremony.
Answer, as if I were a man invisible and not to be heard.
How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?
Mother Hilaria couldn't tell people not to talk about it.
We will make the time, and we fail not to find the sense.
You tried not to show it, but I' knew and you knew I did.
A man belongs to his fatherland and not to his motherland.
I registered her statement but decided not to respond to it.
The smell was dire; he held his nose and tried not to retch.
But that’s no kind of a reason not to hang him now, I reckon.


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