Предлоги направления:
  • to the left — налево
  • to the right — направо
  • up — вверх
  • down – вниз
  • off — с
  • onto — на
  • towards – по направлению к
  • away, from — от
  • through – через, сквозь
  • out of — из
  • into — в
  • along — вдоль
  • past — мимо
  • across – через


To close that back door.
To get more information.
To hell with Worontzoff.
To know all that I know.
To give it to his family.
To rehearsals, of course.
To the same single buyer.
To have a purpose in life.
To hell with these people.
To him it was no sickness.
To new beginnings.
To punish yourself.
To forgive is not our policy.
To good friends.
To his astonishment, she did.
To keep me from hearing them.
To see you.
To some extent it was a relief.
To protect someone else.
To rapturous approval from the public.
To tie up a loose thread.
To lend glamour to your latest puppet.
To reach Herat by vehicle took a week.
To me the flow of time is irrelevant.
To risk so much, he must be obsessed.
To that end, we should make ready to advance.
To all intents and purposes the meal was over.
To just turn her back on this monster and walk away.
To make their tails grow longer, said Hufsa sulkily.
To one of these brutes the group now owed its lives.
To secure a weak candidate and maintain the balance.
To bury my hands to the elbow in your dirty work.
To attend to the carcasses recovered from the swamp.
To be honest, I hadn’t wanted to see Zery yesterday.
To get to Sam tonight, he had to go through Tom.


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