Если сказуемое выражено глаголом в страдательном залоге, то подлежащее не выполняет действия, а подвергается действию, выраженному этим глаголом

They asked about you. Они спросили о вас.

They were asked about you. Их спросили о вас.

(Они были спрошены о вас.)

The paper was written last year.

Статья была написана в прошлом году.

The excavation was made with great care.

Раскопку производили с большой осторожностью.

He was introduced to Kate.
I was naked to the waist.
She was terrified of him.
The food was pushed away.
Everybody was dressed now.
He was drenched.
He was lured here
She was interested in Tom.
The sharp end was pointed up.
She was dressed like the others girls.
She was used to men wanting her.
The question was directed at me.
He was annoyed that nobody asked.
He was covered in soot and sweat.
He was eased back in the pillows.
He was excited about the wedding.
He was supposed to give him back.
He was worried about your safety.

He was pleased with my report.
He was worried about his wife.
His face was sculpted out of darkness.
His name was signed in the guest book.
I was recommended by a friend.
I was supposed to hang out with Sam.
I was wakened by screaming and noises.
It was wrapped with plain brown paper.
He was accepted now.
He was married and cheating on his wife.
She was crouched on her hands and knees.
She was cursed with a vivid imagination.
She was terrified that.
She was tired and sick and ready to die.
The judge was accompanied by his father.
The room behind was shrouded in shadows.

I was lured to London.
I was addicted to pain pills and alcohol.
I was supposed to do Sam.

I was tired enough to be easily incensed.
It was mentioned in your precious scroll.
He was distracted by the drama.
Maybe she was used to being photographed.


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