It simply induces a seizure.
It shouldnt take five minutes.
It stops just short of maudlin.
It seems a funny name for a tom.
It saddened me to my very marrow.
It should make a book on its own.
It sounded more like desperation.
It struck the golem in its chest,
It spoke in an archaic form of Low
It seems your absence has been noted.
It sounded like our meeting was over.
He must have stared a moment too long.
It said only two of them were customs.
It sounds like the name of a bad film.
It sank almost vertically into the rock.
It sounded more like crying than laughing.
It struck him: His contingent evasion spell.
It started at her legs and crept up her body.
It stirs too far down, rolls from too far away.
It sounded as though it was switched to the news.
It said nothing about where to tie her off, however.
It saves the trouble of taking them over to that room.
It struck me then that the two of us werent really all that dissimilar.
It sure is that, I agreed, wondering where this conversation was going.
It showed a steady drain out of the funds of all the Acutes, except one.
It seemed I could hear it braying its terrible bleak lonesomeness forever.
There will be some red faces among those I have encountered along the road.


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