I stood back up and Malik put the bed down again.
I stood behind him and pulled him up by the arms.
I stood up and looked around me, tall as a tower.
I stood up and shook, squeezing her hand tightly.
I sit at the base of the pole, glad for a breather.
I stepped forward and listened briefly at the door.
I stood there in front of him with my chin jerking.
I stood up and picked up my newly acquired weapons.
I swung on past to take a shot of the Step Pyramid.
The guy went immediately nuts, worse than his wife.
I sleep awful sound on the mattresses you have here.
I still dont think you should read too much into it.
I stood in the open stairwell and directed him down.
I said Foreman didnt win, no matter what the outcome.
I said authoritatively, looking him right in the eye.
I said, I never been able to get turned off the trip.
I said, not mentioning anything about the mutilation.
I scooped it in the bucket before I knew what it was…
I see he had his shorts on under the towel all along.
I see those lightning flashes again, colors striking.


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