enough to handle it I bet little Toby could.
enough to muster her own forces to stop you.
enough to try and tell anybody about it they’
enough to wrap around the three of them five,
enough to swallow both Pharaun and the sphere.
enough to throw a bit of light into the place.
enough to know some of the harsh facts of life,
enough to afford a better view of the landscape,
enough to let the Hereford escape the precipice.
enough to catch up in one of your modern schools?
enough to one time try to mount an idling Harley,
enough to make any description she gave worthless.
enough to accommodate the four of them walking abreast,
enough to act a look at the birth date on his wristband.
I should be allowed to say my piece.
I should have tried to call earlier.
I shrugged, not giving a thing away.
I sighed, then walked over to Sam.
I start the counting again at seven.
I stood up, and Malik followed suit.
I suppose thered have been no point.
I said, the time for excuses is past.
I saw she was terrified of something.
I see her tell everyone good evening.
I should get up to his house tonight.
I should have what youre looking for.
I start to stomp away, down the wall.
I strap in next to tells me about it.
I suppose it was better than nothing.

I said you goin’ to the dorm, old man!
I said, and he waited for me to go on.
I sank to my knees as I was hit again.
I saw the beginnings of tears in them.
I say, pulling the chain over my head.
I says trying to kid him away from it.
I see a very old woman milking a goat.
I still think it was Wells who did it.
I suppose people do when theyre young.
I think he's injured.
I think you exploded.
I think you're right.
I thought about that.
I thought it was you.
I took a deep breath.
I took this one case.
I turned back to him.
I used to be a garda.
I was afraid of this.
I was out of control.


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