Глагол в повелительном наклонении выражает побуждение к действию в виде приказания, предложения, совета, предостережения, просьбы и т.п.

Отрицательная форма выражающая запрещение совершить действие, образуется при помощи вспомогательного глагола do и отрицательной частицы not. Вместо do not обычно употребляется сокращение don’t [dount]:

Don’t talk!

Не разговаривай(те)!

Don’t open the door.

Не открывай дверь.

Don’t listen to him.

Не слушай(те) его.

don't know you well enough.
don't like the look of him.
don't tell anyone I called.
don't want to get it dirty.
don't want to say too much.
don't worry about anything.
don't believe in nights off.
don't like being that snake.
don't notice it at the time.
don't understand policework.
don't know at this stage.
don't know who hes being.
don't want to pen him up,
don't we simply kill her?
don't pester the tourists.
don't give a shit is what.
don't have in your garden.
don't mind my own company.
don't say anything either,
don't tend to be so fussy.
don't want to hear about it,
don't whisper to me Cool it!
don't even go t roller derby.
don't know what it all means.
don't look totally convinced.
don't need this fucking shit…
don't suppose Ill bother now.
don't they have better times?
don't think she saw anything.
don't want to hurry anything,
don't wanta to be eatin fear,
don't do anything to him here.
don't want to see monkey dance.
don't blame you being cautious.
don't care if you are pregnant.
don't even know a Raymond Keen.
don't feel its your civic duty.
don't have a clue how it works…
don't know is that Im a killer,
don't like going to hospitals (
don't really have many friends,
don't think shes gone anywhere.
don't get the fate they deserve,
don't give a fucking thing away.
don't hear anything significant,
don't know for how long I slept.
don't know what to do about him.
don't like unanswered questions,
don't object to a journey south,
don't recall anything like that.
don't reckon shes gone anywhere,
don't want any mess in my house.
don't we meet there for a drink?
don't you come round to my flat?
don't you take a little holiday?
don't care how complicated it is.
don't care what she reports back.
don't even know who the bloke is.
don't generally need a sanctuary,
don't have to do anything for it.
don't like the idea of men dying.
don't need to hear it from a toe-
don't want any sunset calamities.
don't want to waste my time here.
don't you take a couple of weeks?
don't get any ideas about running,
don't let her mess with your mind.
don't give a fuck he is president!
don't have nothing to do with him.
don't injure yourself with strain.
don't know how much help that was,


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