to the air.
to the axe
to the bar,
to the bar.
to the bus

to the day
to the elf,
to the end,
to the guy.
to the key,
to the lab.
to the law?
to the lot.
to the sea.
to the sky,
to the top.
to the top?
to the web,
to a bed,
to a bus,
to a kid.
to a sow,
to a gust,
to a halt.
to a hand.
to a seat.
to a stop,
to a year.
to a hotel,
to a place,
to a spell.
to a table,
to brace up;
to break in,
to bury him,
to bust you.
to carry on.
to catch me.
to catch us.
to clean up,
to clear it,
to eat bugs!
to eye with,
to face him.
to find her?
to find him.
to find out,
to her back,
to her boss.
to her cart,
to her ears.
to her face,
to her face.
to her feet,
to her feet.
to her lips,
to her work.
to him here.
to his body.
to his boss,
to his desk;
to his feet,
to his feet.
to his left,
to his left.
to his lips,


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