В английском языке для выражения действий, которые представляются будущими с точки зрения прошлого используются элементы "should" и "would" с соответствующим инфинитивом (без to):


I never would have?
I would have known?
What would Meg say?
When would that be?
Would you tell him?
What would they say?
Would you like to go?
You would be <em>who?
What would you expect?
Would you like to come?
Would you rather sleep?
What good would that do?
Where else would she go?
Would it have killed us?
Would you take me there?
What would you recommend?
She Would you like some?
What choice would he have?
What good would it do Him?
What would you say to him?
How would Viktor know that?
Then why would he send you?
What would Meg say to this?
Would you like a cup of tea?
Would you, would you, Rufus?
How long would he ignore her?
What would you like to drink?
Would anyone like to go away?
How would you feel about that?
Would that include her letters?
Would you like to hear him now?
Would we have to go into Efrafa?
Would you shut the door, please?
Would you two be picking him up?
How would I know if I'm addicted?
We'd none of us be here, would we?
Would he have been angry with you?
Would you like to follow us there?
Or would you like bread and butter?
What would you have chosen for him?
Why would I have a cross like that?
Would you like to hear it sometime?
What would you do if a hrududu came?
What would Jo say if she saw you now?
Would it be a very hard lesson, dear?
We ha I would have called sooner, but?
Who would I be giving my statement to?
What in the world would I want with it?
Why would there be grease in the kitchen?
Would you mind telling me what you'd say?
Anyway, no one would wish to use it after?
Would you mind if I left you for a minute?
What would you like to see happen to Tom?
What would you like to do for your birthday?
Would a jury ever believe what he had to say?
Would you like <em>me</em> to take them over?
What name would your friend like to put on it?
And what do you think the Sam would do then?
Who would want to kill poor old cow?
Are you afraid he would convince us not to fight?
What did she know that would make her so fearful?
I could take care, if-it would be more, convenient?
It's a long way, Tom, and what would be the good?
Now would you like to know what they call this box?
Would the system stop long enough to listen to him?
You think it would do with these alterations, then?


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