the country producing foodstuffs - страна, производящая продукты питания.

N + [V + (-ing)

N (noun - существительное),V (verb- глагол).



the fear pressing hard on him
the dirt, leaving me dazed.
the man’s talking about.
the country banging on doors
the officers coming up.
the fly buzzing and swatted it
the elevator, looking miserable.
the pretty, weeping girl.
the pilot, fearing for Sam.
the soft puffing of bears.
the tallest building in Seattle.

the muddy, rippling water.
the entry looking dumbfounded.
the only thing that counted right
the only thing you’ve kept secret
the radio calling for backup.
the article, keeping his temper in
the station being so ugly.
the ghost moving through an opening
the four sleeping bodies were lazily
the creatures belonging to the termights
the same thing each time except
the traverser, seeking out the other
the sky, creating a vast herd
the primitive painting of Adam and
the rider, letting the entrails float
the other moving behind him with


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