N +V3

N (noun - существительное),V (verb- глагол).

the dollar used in many countries - доллар, используемый во многих странах


the rivers used to flow until
the killer used in the game,
the ones used to keep safe
the priests used to use it
the weapon used on Sam
the moat used to be
the glue used to bind frames
the Parties used vehicles for taking
the military used the underground
the frequencies used by Sam's homer,
the one used by Chicago’s Department
the typewriter used are the worn
the hilt bound with black silk
the computers: forgotten after a week
the father laid out a red
the triumph laid on for Marshal
the brass laid down on “white”
the product sold there-charms against fire
the basement sold all sorts of
the time-schedule shown in the paper
the words written there
the neatly written characters
the digits written on her skin
the letters written in old-style script
the sign written over the door


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