too - слишком, также


too much over the phone.
too close together.
too much courage.
too narrow for anything but bikes…
too steep for any wheel.
too was watching his colleague.
too young to be selling herself on the street and too vulnerable to be under the thumb of someone like him.
too poor to know its ignorant and too ignorant to know its poor.
too will help you bear it,
too much a myth to comfortably condemn.
too tough for me.
too many cars parked along it.
too that he would die amused.
too had abated,
too embarrassing to abide:
too far from the cemetery,
too well last night.
too was a failed soul-
too unappetizing so I defrosted it in the microwave.
too long for him to jump back through the wire with.
too heavy and too determined to hang on.
too far away so hell be here soon.
too big for her.
too rapidly for me to sit back and be patient.
too much for dogs aged hindquarters.
too much TV.
too had learned to temper their arrogance with humility.
too worried that any of it would get back to him.
too far from City Road.
too many for a man to smoke.
too far gone to handle the situation himself and someone else would have to take over.
too fickle a sentiment,
too far out,
too well what it was like to be out on nights like these,
too well at charming her into staying.
too much scope for failure.
too long to find out about his little perversions.
too must have sensed the change in his aunt.
too much difficulty.
too dumb to hear or see or say anything at all.
too hard to say anything else,
too stiff to bring it off,
too embarrassed to say something.
too make it.
too much out of place.
too high for that meeting on Friday,
too well the price.


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