will может выражать:

  1. Желание, решимость, намерение, обещание, согласие.

    She will not tell me what is wrong. – Она не хочет сказать мне, что случилось (что не так).

    She will help him. – Онa поможет ему. (обещание)

    I will have my own way. – Я сделаю по-своему. (решимость)

  2. Приказ.

    You will tell your parents that I wish to speak to them. – Передайте родителям, что я хочу поговорить с ними.

    Stop chattering, will you? – Не болтайте, хорошо?

  3. Просьбу, вежливые вопросы.

    Will you say it again? – Не могли бы сказать еще раз?

    Will you close the window? – Не могли бы вы, пожалуйста, закрыть окно?

  4. Настойчивость, упорство, сопротивление в отрицательных предложениях.

    The door will not open. – Дверь никак не открывается.

    The pen will not write. – Ручка никак не пишет.

  5. Предположение, уверенность (степень вероятности больше, чем у модального глагола should). Для перевода прибегаем к таким словам, как «должно быть, по-видимому».

    That will have been the manager. – Это, наверное, был менеджер.

I will have your respect.
I will have to go to London.
We will have two or three tonight.
You will have to beg the men.
You have mercy on me, I will not.
We will have our own miracle.
She will have need of you.
Maybe I will have a bite more.
Somehow they will have to carry him.
You will have the best of Sam rything.
Your husband will never have to know.
They will serve you when I have eaten.
He will have her manuscript .
You didn’t have to take Will to get me.
Someday, you will have lots of children.
Come, have tea with me, and we will talk.
The Feds will, or have already done that.
Then some other names will have to serve.
Edward will have to wait until I get back.
Have patience; it will work out all right.
You will watch.
I will allow it.
I’ll have to throw it away.
He will have a prelim report tomorrow morning.
Then I will have need of your talents once again.
Therefore we will have our wedding now, and here.
You will have what is good for you and I will li.
Always have been, and always will be—or so I hope.
We will bring her to you when things have settled.
He'll have no illusions about what it will be like.
I earnestly hope that I will never have to send it.
Everybody will assume that I have committed suicide.
My superiors and I will have some questions for you.
Someday I will hurt you as much as you have hurt us.
I will have killed you.
These other fellows will just have to get to know us.
After this, no courtroom in the country will have her.
We have other business today, and it will not wait.
I have that, thought I, which your Drops will not cure.
I have to find a new job, or my little boy will starve.
I will have my driver pick you up here at about 6:00 p.
In a moment we will have the book… – No you won’t.
Once we have made our vows, I will see to it.
She will have within her an anger that only women know.
The real reason is that I have determined that he will.

I have to believe that good will always come out on top.
The others will have to stay here and hope for the best.
With him gone, they will have to revert to the old ways.


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