Артикль - это служебное слово, уточняющее существительное. Артикль является неотъемлемой характеристикой существительного.
I stood up on the floor of the car.
I swear she can aggravate a person.
I said and went over to talk to him.
I said, stating the fucking obvious.
I sellll cost a punter four hundred.
I should be allowed to say my piece.
I should have tried to call earlier.
I shrugged, not giving a thing away.
I should have what youre looking for.
I start to stomp away, down the wall.
I strap in next to tells me about it.
I suppose it was better than nothing.

as yet — до сих пор, пока


I sat here getting drunker and drunker?
I sat up in bed and looked at my watch.
I shut the door and turned to face him.
I smiled back, stepping up to the desk.
I started to drive, away from the farm.
I suddenly felt protective towards her.
I said, I dont think shes gone anywhere.
I said, I need something from you first.
I see him so clear I see his whole life.
I see how big and beat up his hands are.
I should be getting a list any time now.
I should check it out before going home…
I started to reach down into the pocket.
I stopped and took aim at the hall door.
I stumbled slightly but kept my balance.
I said, pulling up in front of the house.
I sat down and started unlacing my boots.
I saw him once when he got a letter back?
I see hes still got a-holt of my pendant.
I see his leather eyelids raise a little.
I stopped and looked where he was facing.
I stopped when I heard something way off.
I suspect it will be considerably longer.
I suspect now that Ill evade it for ever.
I safe to try to beat her at her own game?
I said, Dennis, nows just not a good time.
I saw them two years ago in Atlantic City.
I says, Why, boy, tonight the Reverend Dr.
I shook my head, trying to take it all in.

A (adjective) - прилагательное

Comparative degree - сравнительная степень

N (noun) - существительное

Obj. Pron (Objective Pronoun) - местоимение в объектном падеже (me, him, her, it, us, you, them)

Predicate (predicate) - сказуемое

Prep (preposition) - предлог

Pron (pronoun) - местоимение

Subject - подлежащие

V (verb)- глагол


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