Значение have - "иметь, владеть, обладать".
«Have got» употребляется только, когда мы говорим про:
1. собственность (то, чем владеем): I have got a car. - У меня есть машина.
I have got a bag. – У меня есть сумка.
She has got a violin. - У неё есть скрипка.
2. внешность
We have got fair hair and blue eyes. - У нас светлые волосы и голубые глаза.
3. семью
I have got a mother, a father and a brother. - У меня есть мама, папа, брат.

have - употребляется всегда и когда про собственность идёт речь, и про внешность, и про семью, и во всех остальных ситуациях:

I have a car. - У меня есть машина.

I have a bag. – У меня есть сумка.

I have one more cup of coffee.
I have placed you in jeopardy.
I have prepared a bed for you.
I have seven days to crack it.
I have some questions for you.
I have something else in mind.
I have somewhere I need to be.
I have the cards.
We have one name.
I have work to do.
I have your leash.
We have extra now.
I have two sisters.
I have your number.
I have your vessel.
We have work to do.
What have you done?
What have you said?
You have any ideas?
I have another idea.
I have class at one.
I have one question.
I have one question.
We have the package!
We have thick walls.
What have you heard?
What have you tried?

You should swim. Ты должен плавать (рекомендация).

I should have been there to be introduced. Я должен был здесь представиться.

I should have been more alert.
I should have followed her.
I should have listened to her.
I should have thought of that.
I shouldn’t have believed her.
I would have done all I could.
I would have his head cut off.
Did he have any debt?
Do I have that right?
Do you have any debt?
Do you have any idea?
Do you have any kids?
Do you have the file?
Do you have the soul?
He can have the sofa.
I have bread for you.
I have time to spare.
Let’s have the story.
So have you seen her?
We have many options.
We have the evidence.

I could have gone. Я мог бы уйти.

It could have been her escort.
It might have been the coffee.
It must have been a bad dream.
It must have been after three.
How far have you come?
I could have hurt you.
I don’t have any idea.
I have drunk too much.
I have several others.
I have work to finish.
I must have missed it.
I must have seen this.
It could have been me.
It must have been May.
May I have this dance?
Or have you got a car?
Or have you persisted?
We don’t have all day.
What have you brought?
What have you decided?
What have you learned?
You have five minutes.
Did he have black hair?
I didn’t have her cell.
I don’t have all night.
I have nothing to hide.
I have someplace to go.
I should have told you.
It must have cost you .
I’ll have them checked.
Oh, have another drink.
She must have run away.
We don’t have the time.


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