I ought to do it. (должен так поступить, потому что так принято в обществе)

Ought they to smoke like that?
But surely it ought to be all right?
What do you think we ought to do now?
I ought to be there by-what time is it, do you know?

I didn't explain my correction. I ought to have done so.

Я не объяснил своей поправки. А мне бы следовало это сделать.

I feel like I ought to do something.
I ought to be out of here in a week or two, myself.
I ought to have guessed from the smell, but it was new to me.
I ought to come and tell you about Kate.
I ought to know; I've lived with him a good many years, shared his most intimate thoughts.
I ought to be ashamed of it—but no, I don’t really suppose anything of the kind.
I ought to stop it, but it's not my job— it's up to Solis to arrest the killer.
I ought to do it, for life is uncertain and I don't want any ill feeling over my tomb.
I ought to turn up the heat in the condo, though it didn’t seem uncomfortable to me.
I ought to know.
I ought to have realized how likely it was that-" "Look here.
I ought to call a taxi for Mrs.
Очень часто, в тех случаях, когда мы говорим: «сделал это», «сказал это», англичанин скажет (буквально): «сделал так», «сказал так».
You ought to know one or two things about this place.

a few, a little

Неопределенный артикль обусловил значение этих местоимений: a few, a little немного, некоторое количество (неопределенное) в отличие от few, little — мало (более определенно); a good many, a great many много, большое количество в значении 'несколько' (хотя и много), т. е. опять-таки не совсем определенно, отсюда и неопределенный артикль перед этими местоимениями.

It was the memory of Sam bending to pick up her watch at the garage a few mornings ago.

I have been told a few things but I cannot believe them until I have heard your own side.

I stopped back at the cottage to grab a few things.

Sam had a few things to say.

I have a few things to figure out.

I thought I might bid on a few things for myself.

I have to finish up a few things here first.

I had no intention of letting him off the hook with a few halting apologies.


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