I dare say. - Я полагаю. Пожалуй.

(Иногда этот оборот употребляется с оттенком иронии.)

You are tired, I dare say.

Вряд ли Вы устали, но пытаетесь изобразить, что перетрудились.

re - настоящее время и dared - прошедшее время.

Он означает «осмеливаться сделать что-то».

Употребляется часто и встречается главным образом в вопросах, начинающихся с how, и в отрицательных предложениях.

How dare she come here? - Как смеет она сюда приходить?

He dared notlook at her. - Он не смел посмотреть на нее.

I dare say we might be able to find some use for you.
I dare say Miss Kate knows something new and nice.
I dare say I can do it.
I dare say the place is nice.
I dare say you are late.
I dare say they are nurses.
How-how dare you come snou-snou-snouting round here?
How dare you touch Sam?
How dare anyone barge in here like this?
How dare you interrupt me?
How dare you, you meddling old turd?
how dare you talk in that way?
How dare you say such a thing?
Did he dare just put it in the system?

Nobody dared to ask him about it. - Никто не осмеливался спросить

его об этом.

I knew that he had never dared to - Я знал, что после этого случая он

come to their house since that так и не осмелился прийти к ним

incident. в дом

How dare he ?
How dare she?
How dare you?
How dare you touch me?
How dare you come here?
How dare you insult me?
How dare… How dare you not…?
How dare you barge in here?
And how dare you tell me what to do?
How dare you speak to me like that?
How dare nature interfere with his plans!

How dare she seek him out to find her indulgence in pity!
How dare you come here and make up crap about my father.
How dare you have me dragged away from my work and brought to you?

How-how dare you?
Do we dare take him into the inn?
Aunt March, how dare you say such a thing?
How dare you say so, when he's got both his eyes?
How dare you, woman, to go before the mighty Agbala of your own accord?
How dare you remind me of that horrid dinner party, when yours is so nice in every way?

Am/is/are are the forms of the verb to be.
· Age: I am thirty
· Nationality: I am French
· Status: I am single/married/divorced
· Profession: I am a teacher/secretary/manager
· Physical state: I am tired/hungry/cold
· Emotional state: I am happy/sad/excited


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