Я был рад поиграть с тобой вчера - I was glad to play with you yesterday;

Я буду рад поиграть с тобой завтра - I will be glad to play with you tomorrow

Я всегда рад поиграть с тобой - I am always glad to play with you


You know, he’s always glad to see you.
I was glad to get it.
Aren't you glad I did it?
Dear Sam, you are glad to see me, then?
Do you mean you are glad I was disgraced before the whole school?
But I don't believe that was your only reason for saying 'I'm glad' in that decided way, was it now?
I was glad to be on foot.
I was glad to help him out.
He was glad for the warning.
Lorna was glad to see him go.
I think he was glad to see it.
I was glad to be allergic to it.
He was glad to see her go.
He was glad the bottle was empty.
I was glad for the condescension.
I was glad to leave his presence.
He was glad they were home safely.
I think she was glad to talk to someone.
I was glad I would see him the next day.
For once he was glad that Sam was gone.
I was glad there were people on the streets.
I was glad he had not wholly forgotten me.
I was glad to see she was maintaining her sense of humor.
I was glad that this phase of the project was nearly over.
She had spent most of her time here and was glad to do it.
She was glad someone was keeping a close eye on that place.
Mother sent her love, and was glad if I could do anything for you.


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