I must do it. (приказ самому себе, возможно, в целях самовоспитания)

Английским эквивалентом русского «нельзя» выступают отрицательные формы модальных глаголов can и must.

No, you can't (No, you mustn't).

must может выражать:

1) обязанность (в утвердительных и вопросительных предложениях);

2) долг (в утвердительных и вопросительных предложениях);

3) необходимость с точки зрения говорящего (в утвердительных предложениях);

4) запрещение (в отрицательных предложениях);

5) настойчивый совет (в утвердительных и отрицательных предложениях);

6) предположение, основанное на уверенности (в утвердительных предложениях).

глагол must имеет только одну форму. Эта форма употребляется в контексте настоящего или будущего времени, то есть указывает на необходимость какого-то действия либо в настоящем либо в будущем.

You must help her. => Ты должен ей помочь / помогать.
You should help them. => Тебе следует помогать им (хотя видно, что ты не очень хочешь заниматься этим).
You ought to help me. => Ты должен мне помогать (я прошу тебя).

I guess I must.
I know we must.
I must go home.
I must show you.
I must call again.
I suppose we must.
I must go, Sam.
I suppose you must.
I must go home.
I must make reparation.
I must like it.
I must go home.
I must come back.
I must do penance.
I must caution you.
I must attend to.
I must have belief.
I must be joking.
I have to say.
I must try again.
I must have children.
I must find her.
I must go, too.
I must have answered.
I first came here.
I must apologize, masters.
I must end it.
I survive at all.
I must become somebody.
I could not guess.
I can seed there.
I have done here.
I must go back.
I was their example.
I must say I have.
I must talk to you.
I must get some sleep.
I must have missed it.
I must have seen this.
I must speak with him.
I must keep my promise.
I must see you, darling.
I must have sounded nuts.
I must buy some cigarettes.
I must have frightened you.
I really must go home.
I must fetch my husband.
I must fetch one immediately.
I must have looked surprised.
I must, I’ll do it.
I must perform my mission.
I must be going mad.
I explain why you must.
I suppose we must improvise.
I must go to hospital.
I must jump in here.
I would have done either.
I must borrow your records.
I go. - he said.
I had to say firsthand.
I must have a choice.
I was in Kate’s arms.
I can't altogether understand it.
I must introduce to you.
I markings on the chopper.
I must help you somehow.
I needed some idea how.
I must confiscate Sam’s body.
I must discuss with you.
I am about to relate.
I will not be cooperative.
I knew they must be.
I begin to loathe her.
I must re-enter the world.
I must speak with caution.
I must go to see him.
I must go. - he said.
I have… things I must do.
I must be an idea person.
I must be back in Prague.
I must say it feels good.
I must take your soul now.
I must go back to Beth.
I must have read this report.
I mean, it must be exhausting.
I must have imagined the light.
I must return to the courtroom.
I must put a stop to.
I must determine. - Sam said.
I was surprised Cara got hurt.
I must consider. - Sam said.
I can see but cannot touch.
I must put in for it.
I must not be kept waiting.
I shall be in deep trouble.
I must ask you some questions.
I must remember my true nature.
I was unconscious, then framed me.
I don't know any other way.
I suppose I must end it.
I must go prepared for nursing.
I committed during a past life.
I must inform you at once.
I must show and tell you.
I must let him discover me.
I chose not to stake him.
I never did hear from them.
I must not hope it now.
I must marry the troll princess.
I get Lushootseed in my ears.
I must have looked pretty horrible.
I guessed the village must be.
I had killed one of them.
I say I must go back.
I don’t die from an infection.
I never did it myself then.

I must have order in the work.
I know that must have been awful.
I can be patient, when I must.
I leave here, I must come back.
I must caution you.
I must have you or cannot cross.
I must have been having a nightmare.
I simply must be finding the source.
I must get on with my work.
I thought I must be going mad.
I expect that must be very interesting.
I must go help with the cleanup.
I suppose there must be social occasions.
I must talk to the family’s neighbors.
I think, must be in the blood.
I must be home before it’s dark.
I must have caught what Kate had.
I must ask to speak with Sam.
I fear I must jump in here.
I said, and you must excuse him.
I must run and change my cap.
I must applaud her for the effort.
I must move according to my needs.
I can, but you must try too.
I must first be honest with you.
I really must follow up this note.
I must say she wasn’t very cooperative.
I must warn you about Lady Sam.
I must apologize, masters.
I suppose it would seem that way.
I must have confused it with mine.
I wish to observe these stalker plants.
I knew you must have gone over.
I must ask forgiveness of the snakes.
I guessed there must have been one.
I must go the way I’ve chosen.
I can't talk about Kate to her.
I must show compassion to my fellow-creatures.
I called him from the police station.
I didn't want any more building up.
I can find some in the washroom.
I am not an entirely nice fellow.

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