could (Past) / can (Present) ~~~~ — обозначают физическую возможность или умение:

Не can help you. => Он может тебе помочь.

They could be seen here yesterday. => Их могли видеть здесь вчера.
You cannot (can't) help him. => Ты не можешь помочь ему.

I’m sure I can show her my baseball bat. Уверен, я могу показать ей мою бейсбольную дубинку(биту).
I can get a carriage, or stay here all night. Я могу получить экипаж или остаться здесь на ночь.
I am going to tell you why, because you won’t like some things.  

I can't begin to tell you how much such a little thing has come to mean to me.

She can hear the pulse of his blood.

I can not deal (разобраться) with this.

I went and locked myself in the bathroom.

Sam can take in the full effect.

I think as far as I can remember we were programmed to crash on it.

You’ll be the best that you can be.

I can't talk about it.

You can tell me.

I call the man who comes and fumbles around in my house and takes my money.

I can dig up which will help push him that direction.

They can be contacted if needed.

I can fill the house full and revel in the little dears to my heart's content.

You can use it—directly or indirectly.

I closed my eyes and let my mind drift, opened myself to feel the hum of magic, to hear the buzz only a destructive ward can emit.

You can read many details.

You can see she gets a little upset when things like that happen.

You can explain something to me.

I can tell she’s private, and she’ll never invite you over just because she met you at the playground.

She can do and takes the form.

We can't give it.

I got out of it proves that it can be done.

I don't see how this critic can be right.

They can get better jobs than their parents.

I can't get any new ones, so I shall have to go without.

I'm the only one who can make that sort of decision and I say I must go back.

I can get enough air in my lungs to make it that far.

There is an inevitability about such things which we can only wonder at, deplore, and bear as we best can.

I can't really kick since Sam is footing the bill.

You can't pull over and eat a nice little lunch of pate and cheese and champagne.

I can't read this stuff.

I can tell you’re really worried about the boys.

I can see it in your eyes.
I can access them in a day.
I can see it would be hard.
I intend to get what I can.
I can leave any time I want.
I can picture it in my mind.
I said where I can see them.
I can only talk for a minute.
I can see now why you turned.
I hope we can learn from him.
I can call the police for you.
I can make lyrics out of that.
I can see the tendency in you.
I just said we can discuss it.
I only borrow them when I can.
I can see why it terrifies you.
I can show you the other scans.
I need every account I can get.
I can do is walk through it.
I feel like I can breathe again.
I can see him sweating from here.
I can see that you recognize her.
I can do some good with it.
I think we can rule that out.
I can be there in fifteen minutes.
I can feel the cavitation up here.
I just follow whatever lead I can.
I can kill him in his sleep.
I can see my concern was misplaced.
I can still catch up with her.
I can use a little estrogen here.
I guess I can understand the urgency.
I can pay for my own coffee.
I can remember waking up and listening.
I can try to set it up.
I can make myself believe in them.
I can take my punishment without caffeine.
I can remember everything that you say.
I think I can make it work.
I can give you a cabinet post.
I can have them waiting for me.
I attempt a smile and a nod.
I can think of to give you.
I can show you a new world.
I can hear them talking to me.
I can think of to stop it.
I felt kind of ambivalent about it.
I can call your son for you.
I can tend to all your needs.
I can find about the plate number.
I can tell from watching you now.
I did right by you at last.
I can get regular casts on her.
I can think of something besides this.
I can to help the investigation along.
I can taste it on bad days.
I had no reason to kill Makino.
I can tell the direction all right.
I can keep working on the room.
I will protect you if I can.
I think this would be more comfortable.
I can get into the client files.
I suppose I can make an exception.
I can produce real tears on cue.
I better just keep my mouth shut.
I can hear him taking a leak.
I can guess why Makino asked you.
I can determine the truth about Yugao.
I know I can make a difference.
I can let that go for now.
I can scarcely tell one from another.
I can tell you that right now.
I can help you down the stairs.
I can tell you all about her.
I can decide how to judge it.
I can catch someone staring at me.
I may be able to help you.
I thought there might be a connection.
I can take good care of him.
I was first admitted to the program.
I can find the thread to follow.
I can find some in the washroom.
I can find Captain Loosestrife for you.
I vary my Tricks with the Wind.
I can beat the pants off you.
I think it agrees with you excellently.

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