Кисточка Revell Painta Luxus   Сборная модель бомбардировщика Моделист «По-2»   Сборная модель самолета Revell Concorde «British Airlines» 
I hope it’s enough.I may be imagining this.I sure can.
There’s nothing here.To be busyThey want
They can do risky things.It seems to meIt seems
it does seem to influenceseemedjust
I just gotI just have to find it.I just need a minute of your time.
I am sureHow do I know?How did you do it?
How does he do that?I think it pleased himHe thinks it's all so easy.
He is sure about.He just wants to find out.I am sure she did it.
She was sure it was too basic.I’m a bad influence on you.I’m glad now.
What’s the time?WhateverHow did she know?
You make it clear.She can prove.I gave him a smile.
I tell him.you were thinking about a dogI gave him the tired face
What is he like?What do I have?What do you do all day?
What do you think I did?We are going home.We were standing in the living room.
Am I boring you?Are you sayingAre we going to be okay?
Are you going to get me what I want?Are you having any?Are we suggesting by that ?
Is there anything I can do to help?Is she expecting you?I have to call Sam.
I have to decideShe has to have time to herself.Can you protect yourself?
She has to go back to work.That may not be soon.Should I call a doctor?
Must I come home?Should I pick you up?May I be of assistance?
May I have this?Do you have to ask?Does she really have to ask why not?
might you bring me a present?You look a little tired yourself.He might have changed his name
It might beIt might not be easier if we met here.Might it be best?
It might have happened.слова more, the mostThis is a big job.
What are you talking about?Am I doing that?Is he boring you?
Was I being baited?In North America on the East Coast.He pointed at the empty.
I work full-time in a hospital.Существительное с предлогом onСуществительное с предлогом at
Существительное с предлогом toelement ‘does’Does that mean secret?
Does he have a car?Does this belong to you?How does he know something?
Who's asking?What's different?What's it say?
When is the last time you saw him?Where's Kate?How's it lookin'?
I have a baby sister.I have a skin condition.Then it hits me.
Then I went back to bed.But I could see myself.How do I prove myself.
I could do it myself.  

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