Then I went back to bed.
Then I put him to sleep.
Then I really did frown.
Then I went back to bed.
Then I’ll be seeing you.
Then I’m going with you.
Then Sano took his turn.
Then a kick in the ribs.
Then don’t, just get in.
Then he answered slowly.
Then he heard the shout.
Then he lowered the gun.
Then he passed it to me.
Then he said, “It’s you.
Then he seemed to shrug.
Then he smiled at Otani.
Then it’s their problem.
Then she began to laugh.
Then she could smell it.
Then she showed me this.
Then it was Kate’s turn.
Then it was all business.
Then I changed my clothes.
Then I turned back to Ian.
Then Sam taken too…dead.
Then Sam reached for her.
Then accused them falsely.
Then he called a gun shop.
Then he fell on top of me.
Then he looked at my face.
Then he looked back at me.
Then he realized his slip.
Then he slumped in relief.
Then he turned back to me.
Then we have a time frame.
Then we reached the fence.
Then we run him to ground.
Then we went out for deer.
Then you’re going with me.
Then I can stand on my own.
Then I really must go home.

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