Then it hits me.
Then he belched.
Then he frowned.
Then he grunted.
Then he ran off.
Then he sneezed.
Then he stopped.
Then it clicked.
Then it hit her.
Then it hits me.
Then they expect it.
Then they’re stupid.
Then we have a deal.
Then we went inside.
Then we'd be humped.
Then you are insane.
Then I saw my mother.
Then I'll follow you.
Then we’re different.
Then he was gone.
Then it was gone.
Then it's simple.
Then make a move.
Then maybe I can.
Then pick him up.
Then she frowned.
Then she gave up.
Then she stopped.
Then she went on.
Then sit, please.
Then I am mistaken.
Then I had an idea.
Then I kneecap her.
Then I walked home.
Then I went to bed.
Then I’ll call him.
Then I’ll take you.
Then I’ll tell her.
Then Jack shrugged.
Then he came back.
Then he continued.
Then he hesitated.
Then he stiffened.
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