I have a baby sister.
I have a Christian name: Laura.
I have a GCSE in typing as you can see and an HND in catering.
I have a baby sister.
I have a bad feeling there's a purpose for that thing.
I have a bad feeling they’re meant for something terrible, that they have something to do with my past and my father’s, but I don’t know what.
I have a bad feeling.
I have a beautiful daughter who is healthy and adorable.
I have a better chance of getting in to see him if I’m alone.
I have a better idea.
I have a brain tumor.

I have a busy morning.
I have a call from someone asking for you who won't identify himself and insists that I should come get you personally and bring you up front to take the call there.
I have a capacious memory for what I have heard, and dirty songs and limericks never leave me, when sometimes I have to grope for sober facts I have read.
I have a cell antenna down here, and my relay tower is again activated, but unfortunately for my non-paying customers in the vicinity, the system is now voice scrambled.
I have a class in an hour, so I can’t wait.
I have a class in the morning.
I have a class to teach at noon, so if you’ll excuse me.
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